Objective to optimize the extraction process of prescription medicine Bazhen Yizhi granules

Objective to optimize the extraction process of prescription medicine Bazhen Yizhi granules. Methods the total polysaccharides extraction rate and the extract yield as the evaluation index, using L9 (34) orthogonal experimental design, of Bazhen Puzzle particles were prepared in the process of water extraction process conditions were optimized. Results the optimum technological conditions for the water extraction of the granules were: 10, 12 and times of water, and the extraction time of 0.5h, the extraction time was 2h, the extraction times was 2 times. Conclusion the extraction process is stable and feasible, laid the foundation for the study of Bazhen Yizhi granules preparation.

Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and technical college is one of the first batch of national 24 demonstration vocational colleges. These years with the continuous development of the informationization of the campus, campus network equipments and various access networks is also increasing, campus network in various issues have become increasingly prominent, campus network security facing a serious threat. In this paper, the current situation of the campus network, the paper proposes a campus network optimization scheme based on the switch configuration, and the specific implementation of the campus network for the optimization of the campus to provide some reference and help.

Summarizes the integrated navigation system has the characteristics of nonlinear and model uncertainty, pointed out that at this stage of the construction of Kalman filter and extended Kalman filter can not really meet the actual application requirements of the integrated navigation system; then the integrated navigation system as the background, introduces nearly 20 years to nonlinear filtering theory achieved results and describes the their advantages and disadvantages and application in integrated navigation system; and then analyzes the new development stage of integrated navigation system filter algorithm, and finally on filter algorithm of integrated navigation system prospects, indicating the further research direction.